Flowers at home : keep the nice smell of summer

Invite your favorite flower at home and fragrance each room according to your mood. Today , let’s zoom on 3 flowers to keep the feel of summer at home with Jasmine , Lily of the Valley and the famous Rose. Discover behind each flower their power and let the charm operate.


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Captivating, the jasmine flower exudes a heady wake that gives to the atmosphere a lot of presence.  Infused with Mediterranean gardens and the heat of summer, jasmine speaks of love and femininity. The  alluring scent of the Jasmine flower reminds people of their loved ones even if the lover is not present in  the scene.  The Jasmine flower also represents amiability, nobility, grace and elegance.

Our Delyss choice

  • Baobab Chinese Ink
  • Castelbel White Jasmine
  • Côte Noire Reine de la Nuit
  • Carrière Frères Jasminus Officinale
  • Missoni Laguna



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Its strands diffuse a powerful gay spring wake. Its bells evoke sincerity and love, the good life and the promise of happiness. This sparkling bouquet floods the atmosphere of joie de vivre. The lily of the valley flower is a great one that a lot of people really like, this is a great flower that people really enjoy to get and really enjoy to see.

Our Delyss choice

  • Cire Trudon Proletaire



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Synonymous with passion and enchantment. As one of the most enduring symbols for love and appreciation, it’s no surprise that roses are among the most admired and evocative of flowers. Opulent or fresh, it speaks of burning love.

Our Delyss choice

  • Cire Trudon Rose Poivree
  • Baobab Serengeti Plains
  • Historiae Rose de France
  • Portus Cale Antique Rose
  • Côte Noire Petale de Rose
  • Carrière Frères Rosa Damescenas
  • Ladurée Caprice
  • Château de Versailles Marie-Antoinette


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