New Women Candle by Baobab Collection

Discover the Women candle by Baobab Collection

The Women candle by Baobab Collection follows the fashion cycles in the edition of the new candles. This product tells a new story, a new perfume and a new name, The Women.

Candle Women baobab collection
Candle Women Baobab Collection

What about this Women candle by Baobab Collection ?

Firstly, Women candle resonates like a manifesto that celebrates women. Indeed, its powdered rose scent is an invitation to let one’s femininity shine with reckless abandon.

Furthermore, its glass is covered in a graphic printed pattern inspired by the symbol of femininity. A gold rim surrounds this powder pink pattern, and reminds us how precious women are.

Good to know :

Corinne Bensahel & Mathilde Jooris, creator of the Women candle Baobab Collection
Corinne Bensahel & Mathilde Jooris, creator of the Women candle Baobab Collection

With this collection, Baobab Collection hopes to show its love for women and vows to support a cause that affects everyone in one way or another: breast cancer research. The creators hope that the Women candle will shine light on this cause, because without this research we will never beat the scourge that robs us of our mothers, our sisters, our daughters, and our friends.Baobab Collection supports BIG and breast cancer research. That’s why they offer an exclusive collection of scented candles called “Women”.

Founded by doctors Martine Piccart and Aron Goldhirsch, Breast Cancer International Group (BIG) is an international organization with the non-lucrative aim to create a global network of university researchers specialized in breast cancer research.

Corinne Bensahel is the creative director of Baobab for the Women candle. She explains that she wanted the female symbol to become a graphic print and for the pink to look more like the color that her mother used to wear.

The Women Baobab Collection is available in three sizes. Indeed, the Women candle exist in 10 cm, 16 cm or 24 cm. Also, its olfactive identity is the following one :  Magnolia, Rose and Musk.

Finally, you can find the Women candle on our website :

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