Candles to Feng Shui Home for Wealth and Health

Feng Shui tips for room decorating are reflections of ancient Chinese science and art of creating harmonious and healthy home interiors that attract wealth and good luck. Candles are Feng Shui symbols of the Fire element that create warm and pleasant homes.


According to ancient Chinese Feng Shui home decorating principles, candles help achieve a state of energetic balance with the environment. Symbols of the Fire element bring the warmth of fire into interior decorating and wealth that includes health, good luck and prosperity.

Scented candles or LED candles such as the Luminara ones are beautiful room decorating accessories. Candles invoke the energy of purification. Red, orange and yellow candles encourage meditation, help rest and release daily stress.

Tips for room decorating with candles

Candles are best used in the central part of the house. South, Southwest and Northeast areas of your house are good also.

The best placement of candles

Place candles in the central part of your house. Red, orange and yellow candles symbolize the home hearth. Create simple and elegant, functional and clutter free room decorating. Less furniture and home accessories help Feng Shui homes, allowing the Chi energy, activated by candles, to circulate freely.

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