Hot now : Trano candle by Baobab Collection

Discover the new collection, Trano candle by Baobab Collection.

Trano candle Baobab Collection
Trano candle Baobab Collection

Do not miss it, Baobab Collection has launched the Trano candle.

What does Trano mean ?

TRANO means house in Malagasy. They have chosen this evocative name to celebrate home design, both inside and outside your house. Therefore, that’s why Trano has been created.

Good to know

This collection is the third edition of candles covered with raffia. The fiber is hand crocheted by a cooperative of malagasy women with a rare and ancestral know-how.

Furthermore, through this limited edition, Baobab Collection wants to highlight an artistic heritage, a collection between art and craft.

In addition, this collection is available in three sizes.10cm,16cm and 24cm.

Indeed, you can find the Trano Muzi, Trano Mapoch, Trano Manala and the Trano Mabhokho.

Want to learn more about this new TRANO collection ?

Trano Muzi

Firstly, its geometric pattern of a house roof ends in a wide turquoise stripe evocative of the blue skies of South Africa. Two small houses in hand-lacquered horn are attached like pendants, creating a joyous and decorative effect. The fruity aroma of the Muzi candle will transport you to a refreshing world of summer citrus.

Trano Muzi Baobab Collection
Candle Trano Muzi Baobab Collection

Trano Mapoch

Moreover, concerning the Trano Mapoch, the very geometric designs of the hand-crocheted raffia are inspired by the contemporary Ndebele art movement. Stripes, arrows, and rectangles in primary colours are woven into the material requiring supreme dexterity on the part of the Malagasy women artisans. The aroma of the Mapoch scented candle with its blend of eucalyptus and grapefruit conjures up a world of deep mystery.

bougie trano mapoch baobab collection
Candle Trano Mapoch Baobab Collection

Trano Manala

To continue, this candle in a crocheted raffia basket with a black, beige and multicoloured stripe pattern is typical of contemporary Ndebele art. It offers the perfect finishing touch to any style of interior design. Its aroma of white flowers and salty notes will conjure up a world of adventure holidays in far-off lands.

bougie trano manala
Candle Trano Manala

Trano Mabhokho

Finally, the Mabhokho scented candle bears the name of the village in which the Ndebele tradition lives on. The beige and black raffia hand crocheted by Malagasy women is covered with geometric patterns in bold, fashionable colours. The Mabhokho candle with its contemporary tribal look is set to become a coveted interior design object. Its vetiver and mint scent will transport you straight to summer.

Candle Trano Mabhokho Baobab Collection
Candle Trano Mabhokho

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