Baobab candles New Feathers Collection

We love the inspiration both delicate yet elegante . Our favorite luxurious Baobab candle make us dream with a new scented candle collection.

As precious as a haute couture dress , as mysterious with a captivating scent , as design as the new must-have Baobab candle to display on our coffee table and enjoy a snow-white winter.


Exquisite Baobab Candles & Scents

Baobab candles  declines its tribal identity for its new collection Feathers . An elegant contrast between a pure white glass and hand painted feathers. This luxury candle collection is illustrated by a dream-like fresco drawn by Yann Legendre and pictured by photographer Peter Lippmann.


The Feathers Baobab candles are a Limited edition

Black feathers bloom beautifully on the white opal glass providing a duality between transparency and opacity. Both feminine and masculine, Feathers collection is romantic and reminds landscapes between snow and volcanic rock.


The black rose and oud wood fragrance shares the same duality and find a fine balance between the Yin and the Yang.

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