Mr. & Mrs. Fragrance: the high-tech home fragrance

Mr. & Mrs. Fragrance has been creating innovative products in the world of home fragrance since 2010. Founded by Mr. Massimo Esposito and Mrs. Simona Guerini, two travelers in a journey to find art and fragrances from everywhere, the brand represents a new and high-tech idea of fragrance diffusers.

Mr. & Mrs. Fragrance, a revolution in home fragrance

The best known produce of Mr. & Mrs. Fragrance is without doubt George, whose name is a reference to Nespresso’s George Clooney. This elegant little guy is a state-of-the-art diffuser, who will perfume your home as well as put the music on. Indeed, George is at the same time an electronic fragrance dispenser and a wireless bluetooth speaker! Connect your smartphone, push the button and let George handle the rest. George also exists in a diffuser only version, without speaker, and will provide you with the same quality of perfume and comfort.

George from Mr. & Mrs. Fragrance
George, fragrance diffuser “scent & sound”


Niki, diffuseur pour voiture
Niki, car fragrance diffuser

George and his little brothers and sister Niki, Cesare and Ercole will come and perfume your interior, your rooms, wardrobes and cars. They are design diffuser with friendly shapes and open arms.

George exists in metallic and smooth textures like Gold or Silver, and in a softer touch in several colours. Niki, Ercole and Cesare all come in several joyful colours to brighten up your days.


George en couleur or et argenté
George in Gold and Silver

Inspired by places all over the world, the fragrance collection available will make you travel around thanks to scents like: Rose of Marocco, Vanilla, Siberian Leather, Sandal of Kerala, Asian Vervain, White Tea of China, Arabian Oud, Black Pepper, Rosewood, Pure Amazon, or Malaysian Black Tea. Perfume your environment in a single click and enjoy a new fragrance everyday while you choose new capsules among all the available fragrances.

George et ses capsules recharge
George and its refill fragrance capsules


The fragrance diffusers George (and its refills), Niki (and its refills), Ercole and Cesare are available on


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