The new Summer fragrances by Dr. Vranjes

New products by Dr. Vranjes arrived on Delyss! Discover the three new home fragrances from our shop: Arancio e Uva Rossa, Petali di Rose and West. Perfume your home throughout the summer with those incredible home fragrances. Fruity, floral or fresh: and you, which one is your favorite?

Dr. Vranges Diffuseur Petali di Rose

Petali di Rose

Dr. Vranjes Petali di Rose home fragrance is at the same time pure and sensual. The heart of this flowered bouquet is mainly made up of the precious Turkish Rose bright thanks to touches of Geranium, Ylang Ylang, Violet and Jasmine. Everything is closed by the magnetic presence of Cedar Tree wood, Amber, Vanilla and White Musk, elegant base of this fragrance.

Petali di rose 250 ml

Petali di rose 500 ml

Dr. Vranjes diffuseur Arancio Uva Rossa

Arancio e Uva Rossa

The result of the combination of bitter orange zest and red grape, Arencio e Uva Rossa is made more precious by rose, magnolia and violet and magnificently completed by birch wood, rose wood and a touch of cinnamon.

Arencio e Uva Rossa 250 ml

Arencio e Uva Rossa 500 ml


Dr Vranjes diffuseur Ouest


West home fragrance is an aromatic fusion with head notes of bergamot, lemon and orange flowers essences; a heart made of Green Tea essence together with Cotton notes and a final accord of marine-ozone essences which forms the persistent base of the fragrance.

West 250 ml

West 500 ml

Created using natural ingredients with the world’s finest essential oils, it is made for use with Dr Vranjes fragrance diffusers. To use, simply insert the included bamboo reeds to release the perfume and rotate to control the intensity. You can now easily perfume a room big or small. Find more Dr. Vranjes product on our website.

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