Baobab candles: olfactory journey, Mikea project

Baobab Collection: Spring Collection 2017 Baobab Candles Collection

A true ode to discovery, BAOBAB Collection draws its inspiration from the travels and the nature gems. Through its collections Baobab candles “All Season”, tells a story and take us to new destinations.

With theSpring / Summer 2017 Limited Edition collection  named “Mikea”, we land in Madagascar, among the Mikeas, ancestral tribe forced to sedentarise, not being able to survive in the forest threatened by the fires and looting of the wood of Rose and rosewood.

Par un récit de voyages olfactifs en terre malgache, BAOBAB vous propose de partir à la rencontre d’un territoire lointain. Ces parfums d’ailleurs et bougies d’évasion illustrent un concentré de culture pour une escapade olfactive.

Through an olfactory narrative journey in Malagasy land, BAOBAB invites you to meet a remote territory. These candles fragrances enhance a concentrate of culture for a genuine olfactory escapade .

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The Babou scented candle, written “Baboho” in Malagasy, praises this root full of water, starchy foods and sugar, a source of life for the Mikea people and for which the tribe keeps its location a secret. Add a touch of color to your interior with this scented Babou candle and see its incredible beauty come alive as you light it.

Fragrance: Ylang Ylang – Salt Flower – Orchid

Baobab candles : Collection Babou


The scented candle Manou is covered with a natural raffia dotted with days in black raffia giving an effect of small seeds.

The fragrance of this delicate scented candle is adorned with notes of vetiver and ylang ylang for a  fresh feeling, it reminds that the Mikea territory  extended to the lush shores of the Mozambique channel.

Baobab candles : Collection Manou


The candle Tsiva is covered with a black raffia, its black and beige aesthetic accentuates its masculine and tribal identity.

Fragrance : Firewood – Grapefruit – Eucalyptus

Baobab candles : Collection Tsiva


The beige raffia pattern of this luxurious Baobab candle is spiced with an ocher red pattern representing a tree that blazes in the forest in peril.

Fragrance : Mint – Vetiver – Ylang-Ylang

Baobab candles : Collection Mena Hazo

Fotsy Hazo means “grey tree” in Malagasy. The background colour of this red ocher candle recalls the land of Madagascar, commonly known as the Red Island.

Fragrance : Firewood – Grapefruit – Eucalyptus

Baobab candles : Collection Fotsy Hazo

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