The Cire Trudon wax snuffer: the new gesture for your candle

You are still wondering how to properly extinguish a candle …

The new Cire Trudon Eteignoirs induce a precise gesture: that of extinguishing a candle without creating smoke.

Cire Trudon Eteignoirs are tools of precision: a thin brass hook reaches out to press the wick into the wax, without pinching it or smothering it. Under its grip, the candle’s flame vanishes, without smoke. Once raised back up and centred, the wax-coated wick can easily be lit up again.
With this modern-day accessory, Cire Trudon daily ritual is once again reinvented.

The designer :

Pauline Deltour is recognized as one of the young shoots of French design. Nothing seems to make it doubt, as soon as it is a question of distilling an inventory of clear lines to the service of brands.

“I came across the profession of designer by pure coincidence, when I went to a trade forum in Angers (France).

The fact that the design is a manual profession, close to art, attracted me because the creation is both anchored in reality, while remaining technical and correlated to an industrial dimension that spoke to me. So I left Angers after graduating to integrate Olivier de Serres school, where I then passed a diploma of assistant in industrial creation. After this academic teaching, I passed the third year at the Arts Décoratifs.

At a time when my knowledge of design remained more than approximate, I then had the chance to meet Konstantin Grcic. Listening to him talk about his workshop, his models, his way of working, I knew my vocation was born. ”

The creations of Pauline Deltour redraw the contours of the French domestic landscape. Without crossbreeding, without attempting hybridization, just focused on essential use and elegant efficiency.


Each eteignoir is presented in an illustrated Cire Trudon zipper case.

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